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2010 Multi World New Decade
Autumn Update for 2100 / 100AA
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21st Century perspectives from the 2010 unique vantage point provide invaluable understandings and opportunities. Magnitudinally medial between 2000-2001 and 2100, year 2010 arrives with the Century’s future largely to be determined and with the first Decade’s visions refocused through reality.

2010, like 2001 before, exhilarates hundreds of millions of people on Earth with Moon, Jupiter, Europa, Io, Saturn, an Infinity of Worlds animated and engaged in Arthur Clarke’s two classic films. For the New Decade, countless real Worlds interact with human consciousness and robotic pioneers -- familiar worlds named above, and Mars, Phobos, Demos; Titan, Enceladus, Saturn’s / Jupiter’s worlds by the dozens; Neptune, Triton, Uranus, Pluto and the Kuipers; Ceres, Vesta, Juno and asteroid worlds by the thousands; Kepler-observed Galaxy exoplanets and their exomoons by the millions, billions; and even terrestrial, individual, personal, colloquial “we live in different worlds” vernacular realities.

1% of USA, or of any Nation’s resources -- even 1% of its national yearly Budget -- ensures humanity’s future as a Multi World Species, a Multi World Civilization; the Moon and Mars our first giant steps into the Galaxy, towards the Stars, into the Cosmos, transcending, directing and meeting challenges of
Earth Global environment -- heating and cooling, pollution and depletion, population and pandemic, terror and annihilation; “Single planet species don’t last”, confirms the Planet’s Most Accomplished Astronaut, geostrategist John Young; energy of the Sun, resources of its System, follow the Water for, to Life.

Freedom and Equality enhanced through both Individual and Common Heritage Property Rights imperative for human social, economic, political, spiritual advancement, on Earth, and Beyond; “A relative equality of landed property is the whole foundation for national freedom”, teaches first American Dictionary author Noah Webster. Libertarian, Egalitarian future dynamics compel UN 1967 Outer Space Treaty new considerations.

2100 / 100AA Galaxy Exploration and Development / Aquarius Age: The Next 2000 Years continues well received. Internet / web-based ‘21st Century Waves: Technology Booms and Human Expansion into the Cosmos’ by Dr Bruce Cordell notes 2100 / 100AA is “early ebullient thinking at its finest”.

“With the vision of Walt ‘If you can dream it you can do it’ Disney and the scope of Gene ‘Star Trek -- The Final Frontier’ Roddenberry’, Steve Durst, of Space Age Publishing Company (Palo Alto CA and Hawai`i) is determined to lead us into the Aquarius Age, the Next 2000 Years!” “Steve’s basic theme is ‘Galacticity’ ...his word for Galaxy Consciousness. It will provide inspiration and future direction”; his “Galaxy Forum program is exciting and promising”, www.21stCenturyWaves.com.

Ebullient comments appreciated also from Paul Lowman, David Schrunk, Paul Eckert, Alexa Russell, Philip R. Harris, Hans Starlife, Leilehua Yuen, Chris Sallaberger, Jon Lomberg, Lance C. Carter, Jeff Krukin, Jean-Luc Josset, Jeff Milman, Yuki Takahashi, John Chapman, Mike Cerney, Jeanette Steinert, others; from Associates, Colleagues, Family, Friends ...

Obama Vision for the USA / Global Space Future should be clear by January 2010 State of the Union, at the dawn of New Decade 2010-2020: 1% USA Federal Budget for NASA ensures John Young’s Multi World Species lives long and prospers; Hawaii native Obama sees 50th, Aloha State go interglobal; the greening, flourishing of Earth, and Moon, and Mars, and New Worlds Beyond ...

Best wishes to All,

Your comments welcome; 2100 / 100AA book info, availability at info@aquarian-age.net or aquariusaa@aol.com


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2100 / 100AA
Galaxy Exploration and Development
Aquarius Age, The Next 2000 Years
by Steve Durst

The 21st Century -- First, lead century of this new millenium / new bi-millenium / new age, provides certainties for human growth in terrestrial, and in multi world, solar system, galaxy oriented, civilizations.

Galaxy Exploration starts at our feet, and through the air we breathe -- with our mind and eyes Inner Space, body and spirit, outwards and upwards through all to cosmos infinity. Galaxy Development starts with FreeSpace, with NewSpace, with International Space Station, with Galaxy enterprise and commerce, and builds up and out on Moon, to Asteroids and Mars, Jupiter / Saturn / Solar System capable, and on to Galaxy Stars.

The amazing, awesome, neighborhood Milky Way Galaxy grand stellar constellation --with 100-400 billion stars, 220 million year period of revolution, 100,000 lightyear length, constituting 3 trillion solar masses, with an enormously energetic center. The Galaxy: A new human domain, massive and immense, yet finite enough for human understanding and familiarization -- multi-billions larger than our solar / star system, yet sub-microscopic in the cosmic infinity.

Galaxy Exploration and Development enabled through Galaxy Education objectives for the 21st Century: To know more explicitly our Earth and Galaxy place in the universe -- between Solar System and Cosmos; to learn Galaxy astronomy and astrophysics -- central 10 parsecs with supermassive black hole is most dynamic region of Milky Way; to understand Galaxy archeoastronomy and the history of human civilization it provides; to enable Space Agencies and macro planners long term strategic perspective for Space / Galaxy and exploration development; to develop 'Galacticity', or 'Galactivity', as new paradigm / shift, 21st Century major influential idea and reality (as Relativity was for 20th Century)

Galaxy consciousness and awareness – galacticity developing: Since Hubble’s 1922 discoveries, our common life and language familiarity with 20th Century Ford Galaxie, Hughes Galaxy satellite fleet, ‘Great Galactic Ghoul’, ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, ‘Galaxy Quest’ movie; and with 21st Century Federation of Galaxy Explorers, NASA Astronaut Educator Galaxy classes, Virgin Galactic, Galaxy Garden Hawaii, Galaxy Zoo, ILO Galaxy First Light.

Our Galaxy name in various languages, in addition to 'Milky Way' (many nations): 'Silver River' (China, Korea, Vietnam), 'River of Heaven' (Japan), 'Way of Birds' (Finland), 'Winter Way' (Iceland), 'The Roman Road' (Slovenia), 'The Way the Dog Ran Away' (Cherokee), "The Way of the White Elephant' (Thailand).

Aquarius Age -- of Space / Revolution, of Humanity / Equality, and of Starlife: Searching for Extra-Terrestrials among hundreds of billions of Milky Way Galaxy Stars, and in the hundreds of billions of galaxies beyond, we may observe multitudes of ET civilizations, and their individual inhabitants as well -- directly and at face, if not with 1 centimeter resolution. And if we are looking right at them, they almost certainly are looking right at us. The Aquarius Age 2000 'Starlife' section begins: "The relation of Life on Earth and Life off Earth is the central equation at millenium's change", and possibly for millenia to come.

* 2010 -- First Decadal year of this new 21st Century provides unique vantage point and opportunity both to credibly assess the predominant trends and directions of the new century's first decade and to accurately project these assessments and stimulate these possibilities through Century's end; 2000-2010 provides reality base for 21st Century faithful observation, assessment and advancement of Truths cosmic and self-evident

-- "2010: Odyssey Two" ("The Year We Make Contact') by Arthur Clarke, 1982; Jupiter's Space (Europa) / Saturn's Space -- explored by America, Russia, and China spacecraft -- stretches out to Stars, and Galaxies Infinity
-- Kansas "Ad Astra" State, mid-way USA, the Heartland and the Breadbasket, accelerates full year preparations for next January 29 Sesquicentennial --150th Observance of Kansas entrance into Union
-- Moon-Earth / CisLunar development enters new decade with orbiters from Japan (Kaguya), China (Chang'e), India (Chandrayaan), America (LRO) surveying polar landing and base sites for human build out; new decade brings enormous potential / growth in Cislunar interaction, transportation, commerce, and culture; cosmic / galactic / sidereal perspective enables Planet Earth geostrategy for Solar System-wide exploration, development in 21st Century
-- Canada continuing independent global leadership, central liaison activity, in proximity to close, long-time neighbor USA
-- NewSpace accelerating through space technology, transport, travel and tourism enterprises such as Scaled Composites Inc, Virgin Galactic, Xcor, Space-X, Bigelow Aerospace, Space Adventures
-- China "Middle Country" begins first new year of 7th decade since founding of People's Republic / New China signaled "Chinese people have stood up"; Beijing, Shanghai populations, influence equaling those of London, Paris, New York, Tokyo
-- India aims for Vision 2020 Developed Nation; exemplary, visionary, international leadership for 2015 Human Moon presence
-- Spain takes over the Presidency of the Council of the 27-nation European Union EU from Sweden, for six months
-- European Space Agency Ariane Rocket enters
4th decade of highly successful operational, commercial enterprise
-- Hawaii observes 51st new year as 50th, Aloha State, Star / Moon-oriented Center of Pacific Hemisphere
-- SETI advancing, both passive like ATA Allen Telescope Array and active like METI Messaging, in parallel with exponential growth of ESPs Extra Solar Planets, now about 400 confirmed; intelligent civilizations in our Galaxy speculated to be at least 360 up to 38,000; Bracewell Probe, Dyson Sphere are earlier 20th Century spacecraft designs for ET search

3 -- American Astronomical Society 215th Meeting, thru Jan 7; Washington DC
10 -- US$50 Million "America's Space Prize" Deadline; Winner of Bigelow Aerospace competition must build spacecraft for at least 5 people, fly to altitude of 400 km, complete 2 Earth orbits -- twice within 60 days; aim of sponsor Robert Bigelow (Las Vegas NV) is to advance space tourism in low orbit
20 -- Barack Obama presidency marks one year since inauguration; new Obama space directive advances NewSpace / NewMoon opportunities; Revolutionary 111th Congress vital for America renaissance
20 -- Buzz Aldrin is 80; Apollo 11 astronaut on first Moon landing / start of human existence as a multi-world species

February -- Antarctica Summer season concluding with about 5,000 residents (1,200 year-round) 50 years after Antarctica Treaty (46 nations, up from founding 12) enables growth of Antarctic civilization; tourism to area again sees 10% yearly rise, passing 45,000; 30 countries operate more than 60 research stations at coldest place on Earth; "Science Continent" (5th largest, 14 million sq km) prohibits military activities and mineral mining, protecting the continent's ecozone; Planet's best astrophysics; South Pole Earth / South Pole Moon analog dynamic; major Coastal stations, clockwise from South are McMurdo (USA), Scott (New Zealand), Belgrano (Argentina), Halley (UK), Neumayer (Germany), SANAE (South Africa), Maitri (India), Novolazarevskaya, Progress, Mirny (Russia), Showa (Japan), Mawson, Davis, Casey (Australia), Zhongshan (PR China), Dumont d'Urville (France); Continental stations are Amundsen-Scott (USA, South Pole), Dome A / Xia Xuelong (PRC), Vostok (Russia), Concordia (France, Italy), Domes C, F; Antarctica Peninsula has 8 stations, plus 11 on King George Island

11 -- Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-131 to International Space Station for delivery of MPLM Raffaello science racks
12 -- Winter Olympics XXI in Canada, British Columbia, Whistler Mountain and Vancouver; thru Feb 28
14 -- Chinese Spring Festival, Lunar New Year 4708, Tiger

8 -- International Women's Day: Major day of celebration for the economic, political, social and scientific achievements of women; observed worldwide, ie., in Brazil, China, Italy, Poland, Russia, others, though not in every country; commemorated in West, USA in 1910s, 1920s, and revived by women's equality 1960s energies; official UN sponsorship in 1975
20 -- Spring Equinox 17:32 UT; 10th Observance of Aquarius Age 2000 / 00 arrival

12 -- Yuri's Night 2010, Worldwide; Space Generation celebrates Yuri Gagarin first human spaceflight this date 1961, first USA Space Shuttle mission 1981

1 -- World Expo 2010, Shanghai, thru Oct 30
31 -- Endeavour STS-133 critical spares for delivery to ISS; scheduled termination of USA Space Shuttle Program, to be extended
31 -- Global Lunar Conference, Beijing, China;
coordinated by International Astronautical Federation IAF, China National Space Administration CNSA, International Lunar Exploration Working Group ILEWG; thru June 2

June 6 -- Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction, first in series of three

1 -- Belgium takes over Presidency of the EU Council from Spain
10 -- European Space Agency ESA Rosetta spacecraft conducts Asteroid Lutetia flyby
11 -- Total Solar Eclipse, visible S Pacific, S America
11 -- 12th World Conference on Transportation Research, Lisbon, Portugal
13 -- Major League Baseball 81st All Star Game at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, California
18 -- Committee on Space Research COSPAR 38th Scientific Assembly, Bremen, Germany; thru July 25

August 19 -- 26th International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad, India; thru Aug 27

16 -- Anti-Matter Spectrometer AMS-1 international particle physics lab finally reset for additional Space Shuttle STS-134 flight to International Space Station
16 -- Mexico Declaration of Independence Bicentennial; priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in small town of Dolores, Guanajuato, announced break from Spain after 300 years; Now a confederation of 31 states, Mexico is world's 11th most populous nation, 11th largest economy, 14th largest area
20 -- International Astronautical Federation 61st Congress; Prague, Czech Republic, thru Sep 24
24 -- John W Young 80th birthday; most accomplished USA astronaut is first, only one to launch 7 times to space, including once from Moon; far-sighted concerns for human future: "The Moon will save us", "Single planet species don't last".

3 -- Commonwealth Games, Delhi, India; thru Oct 14
11- Deep Impact / Epoxi NASA spacecraft Comet Hartley-2 flyby

November 12 -- Asian Games, Guangzhou, China

December 21 -- Total Lunar Eclipse visible in Asia, Australia, the Pacific, the Americas, Europe, 08:17 UT greatest; from Moon, total eclipse of Sun by Earth, 2 hr 25 min totality

* 2011
1 -- Africa Continent Exceeds One Billion Population
1 -- United Nations 5 Seat Security Council Adjustment: Europe Seat consolidation by England-France leadership merger --India acceptance of open 5th seat would bring global population percent for the 5 to 53%, up from previous 38%
1 -- More Global Demographics, Quintile Perspective: "Developed World" nations of Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia (International Space Station partners) are 19% global population; China about 21%; India about 18%, 'Crescent Moon' Countries about 21% South Hemisphere about 21%
1 -- Largest CMCs (Islamic countries) are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India 13%, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco; then Iraq, Nepal, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mozambique, Syria, and others
1 -- Who Owns the Moon? Independent, scientific, commercial NewSpace / NewMoon lunar enterprises such as Google Lunar X-Prize entrants, International Lunar Observatory / ILOA, inevitably raising property rights, lunar acreage, ownership questions (“I want my bucket of Moon rocks”); Dictionary editor Noah Webster claimed, incisively and decisively, "A relative equality of landed property is the whole foundation for national freedom"; for Americans, Canadians, among others, decisive question is, "Do you own your home, or rent?"
1 -- Hungary takes over European Union Presidency from Belgium; Croatia set to join EU; Estonia set to adopt Euro
2 -- Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, third of three
29 -- Kansas State Sesquicentennial, 150th Observance of Admission into Union at beginning of US Civil War, with official state motto "Ad Astra per Aspera" -- To the Stars through Difficulties
30 -- Asian Winter Games 2011 begin in Almaty, Kazakhstan, through February 6

February 14 -- Stardust NExT New Exploration of Tempel-1 flyby; re-directed spacecraft to more clearly image comet's crater caused by NASA Deep Impact 2005, extend most detailed comet mapping and investigate comet nucleus geology

3 -- Girls' Day 'Hina-matsuri' yearly in Japan
18 -- NASA Messenger spacecraft enters orbit around Mercury
18 -- NASA New Horizons Pluto probe will cross Uranus orbit after five year voyage

12 -- Yuri's Night 2011, Worldwide; Space Generation celebrates 50th anniversary Yuri Gagarin first human spaceflight this date 1961, 30th anniversary first USA Space Shuttle mission 1981

-- Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury all visible within about 6 degrees
6 -- Singapore Republic holds 11th general election

June 15 -- Total Lunar eclipse, visible mainly in Africa, India, Middle East; from Moon, total eclipse of Sun by Earth, 2 hr 30 min totality

11 -- Jupiter Orbiter Juno Launch; NASA New Horizons 2nd program to arrive at Jupiter's space October 2016
31 -- Canada begins digital only TV signal transmission, switches off analog

September -- Dawn spacecraft to arrive at asteroid Vesta, diameter 530 kilometers, for six month orbital study after NASA Sep 2007 launch; electric plasma propulsion, powered by DS1 heritage xenon ion thrusters

-- Guadalajara, Mexico, hosts Pan American Games XVI
3 -- International Astronautical Federation 62nd Congress, Cape Town, South Africa (first IAF Congress in Africa); thru Oct 7
6 -- Ontario, Canada, general election
9 -- Geological Society of America 2011 Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota; thru Oct 12

* 2012
-- Cosmic Rays Centennial Observance of Discovery by V F Hess, Austria, who flew balloons to altitude 5,000m+ detecting radiation coming from outside atmosphere; wins Nobel physics prize
-- PRC Passes USA in purchasing power, according to Hong Kong University Science and Technology authority, though Chinese per capita income 20-25% American

January 31-- 433 Eros, second-largest known Near Earth Object, will pass Earth at 0.1790 Astronomical Units / 26,778,019 km

4 -- From Moon, total Eclipse of Sun by Earth; totality 1 hr 40 min
6 -- Second, last Venus solar transit of 21st century; next pair in 2117 and 2125

-- Harmonic Convergence concludes 25 years from 1987 start, centering on 1999-2000; New Age archeoastronomy
1 -- Presidential Elections in Mexico; Canada observes 145 years since Confederation
9 -- African Union 10th anniversary observation (successor to OAU 1963) since Durban founding by 53 States with first president Thabo Mbeki of South Africa
27 -- 2012 Summer Olympics XXX begins in London; closing ceremony 12 August

August 20 -- International Astronomical Union IAU 28th General Assembly, Beijing, China; thru Aug 31

September -- NASA Ares 1 / Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle first launch; suborbital flight to test Ares 1 upper stage, Orion launch abort system

October 19, 01:36 UT -- Earth home to 7 billion humans, according to US Census Bureau

November 13 -- Total solar eclipse, visible northern Australia, South Pacific

December 21
-- Winter Solstice in N Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in S Hemisphere, 11:11 UTC
-- Maya Calendar 2012 set for Transformation, Apocalypse, or Restart?; completion of thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in Mesoamerica Long Count Mayan Calendar said to bring major change to world order; extremely close conjunction of winter solstice Sun with Galaxy equator crossing point and ecliptic is event that will not be repeated for thousands of years ("Don't quit your day job", may be good advice)

December 31 -- X Prize Foundation, Santa Monica, California: Google Lunar X Prize Deadline for full $20 Million 1st Prize

* 2013
-- International Moon landings, robotic operations by space agencies of China, India, Japan, America follow Independent, private, commercial, scientific Lunar landers, observatories of 2011-2012; Moon's South Pole, Malapert Mountain regions continue attracting exploration, r&d interest
-- Middle East possibly still in turmoil; America still humanity's 'Promised Land'

February 1 -- Columbia Space Shuttle STS-107 Disaster 10 Year Memorial Observance; Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, Laurel Clark, Kalpana Chawla, Ilan Ramon, Laurel Clark, David Brown -- Ad Astra per Aspera

13 -- NASA Pioneer 10 leaves the Solar System 30 years ago; first human made craft to enter interstellar space, carrying gold-anodized plaque intended for intelligent life forms elsewhere in the Galaxy; to pass within three light years of star Ross 246 in year 34,600 AD
18 -- Sally Ride 1st American Space Woman on STS-7 Challenger 30th Observance

November 20 -- ISS International Space Station module 'Zarya" 15 years in orbit today; module 'Unity' follows three weeks later; permanent human habitation since Expedition 1, 2000 November
2; 16-nation (2010), 400-ton complex (2011), completes more than 85,000 revolutions, travels more than 3 billion km

December 21 -- One year anniversary of the day the world was not destroyed by Maya Long Count calendar end; Celebrations planned, notes Wikipedia.org

* 2014--2019
-- NewSpace / NewMoon global revolutionary advances see 10s of 1000s of suborbital space travelers, 1000s of orbital space travelers / tourists; Space Elevator, Nano, Bio, Info technologies ascending
-- Human Permanent Moon Presence thru Independent, National, International Enterprises; Mid-decade brings enormous growth potential in cislunar interaction, transportation, commerce, communications, as foreseen by 'Space Enterprise' advocate Philip Harris; Lunar South Pole bases at Malapert, Shackleton to be linked by solar-electric lunar railroad, validating 'The Moon' author David Schrunk ("If we just go straight to Mars, nothing will change"); NASA Ares 1 and 5 with
Orion / Constellation, CNSA Long March V, ISRO GSLV Mark 5, JAXA H2X series, Arianespace V-X, Russia, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Korea, Ukraine, Indonesia, others, all advancing Earth-transforming CisLunar development

* 2014
February 7 -- Winter Olympics XXII in Sochi, Russia; thru Feb 23

May -- European Space Agency ESA Rosetta spacecraft arrives at Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko after 10 year voyage

June 21 -- SpaceShipOne 10th Anniversary Observance; Mike Melvill pilots first private enterprise to space frontier altitude 100km from Mojave Spaceport, California; on October 4 Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites design, financed by Paul Allen, piloted by Brian Binnie wins US$10 Million Ansari X-Prize; NewSpace industry leaders including Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic, Jim Benson with SpaceDev's 'Dream Chaser' foresaw suborbital space tourism in 3-5 years

August 24 -- NASA New Horizons fastest-ever spacecraft crosses Neptune orbit about 4.5 billion km distant from Earth after 8.5 years on journey to Pluto

* 2015
-- Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Observation

February -- NASA Dawn spacecraft after 7.4 year voyage from Earth, then Vesta, encounters asteroid Ceres -- 950 km diameter, water-rich carbonaceous chrondrite dwarf -planet comprising 32% of entire asteroid belt total mass

July 14 -- New Horizons spacecraft to fly by Pluto at 13,695 km, Charon at 29,473 km with speed near 60,000 km/hr; Kuiper belt next, before departing Solar System

October 20 -- Stanford on the Moon 15th Observance of 2000 Founding by Class of 1965, now celebrating 50th graduation and supporting significant Stanford presence on Moon

* 2016
-- Egalitarian, Libertarian networks, alliances, coalitions, parties, federations in USA reach Democrat, Republican corresponding numbers
-- Einstein Theory of General Relativity Centennial
-- Foundation for the Future 20th founding observance, Bellevue, Washington; 1000 year perspectives on biosphere, energy, climate, space; 'Think Globally, Act Locally Humanity 3000' seminar, 'Darwin Day' celebration; Kistler Prizes

October -- Jupiter Orbiter Juno arrives at Jupiter system if 2011 launch go

November 21 -- ITER (originally International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Agreement 10 Year observance; 7-nation funding by Europe (4/11th), Japan (2/11th), America, China, India, Korea, Russia (1/11th) to achieve generations-long quest for safe, clean fusion power -- 500 MegaWatts sustained for 1000 seconds, by 2026, with first tokamak magnetic confinement plasma operations 2016-18; EU$6 billion project at Cadarache, southern France, controversial for financial, technical, safety, environmental issues

* 2017
April 12 -- International Space University 30th Observance of Founding at MIT; one of great Space Age successes of Apollo generation, ISU and Founders Peter Diamandis, Todd Hawley and Robert Richards visionary activism helps assure Early Lunar Access for ISU participants

August 21 -- First Total Solar Eclipse for USA in 21st Century; longest max. in Christian County, Kentucky, at 18:25:4716 UTC

* 2018
May 23 -- South American Union UNASUR 10th Observance of Founding by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela

August 18 -- Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument, Amarillo, Texas: second time capsule of four containing more than 4,000 items to be opened 25, 50, 100, 1000 years from date of sealing in 1968, one hundred years after first observation of element Helium (atomic number 2; second lightest element and second most abundant in observable Universe)

November 1 -- European Union Reaches 25 since Treaty of Maastricht; original 12 member nations of 1993 Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands,Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, West Germany; joined 1995 by Austria, Sweden, Finland; 2004 by Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary; 2007 by Romania, Bulgaria; EU total 27 countries, 500 million people by 2010, with prospects for 40 countries through 21st Century

November 11, 11:11 -- Europe / World War I Armistice: Killing Stops, the Guns, Shooting .... go silent, 100 years ago today

* 2019
July 20 -- Apollo 11 USA Moon Landing 50th Observation; Aldrin and Armstrong extraordinary success widely considered signature event of 20th Century, if not last twenty centuries; beginning of human existence as multi-world species

October 9 -- Sea Launch Zenit-3SL / DirecTV-1 1st commercial launch 20 year observance; International consortium USA Boeing, Russia Energia, Ukraine Yuzhnoye, Norway Aker manages 3 launches yearly during first decade of operation from Equator location 154 degrees W, due South of Hawaii; mid-way between two mainlands of Asia and America, Sea Launch has opportunity, competition for expanded space and solar system activity

December 26 -- Solar Eclipse visible South Asia

* 2020
-- New Energy / Transportation Advances: new forms (hydrogen), increasingly exotic r&d (nanotech, quantum computers, fusion, anti-matter) and hybridization are breaking dirty, dangerous, expensive stranglehold of fossil fuels, autos; China, India, Japan, Canada, USA innovate for energy / transport to end self-strangulation of auto gridlock, environment despoliation, resource depletion; promise of individual scramjet / microjet still on horizon 70 years after TV's 'Jetsons'
-- National, international / global, independent / private scientific, commercial and Human missions to Moon's South and North poles, equatorial regions and far-side
-- Libertarian, Egalitarian movements coexist with, predominate over Republican-Democratic duality; Egalitarians advance Moon / Mars / Solar System property rights (lunar acreage,etc), equal geographic access to (or distance from) Federal / central government, abolition of SSS draft registration, guaranteed annual income

August 26 -- Women's Equality Day, Centennial Observance of Universal suffrage / vote with passage of US Constitution 19th Amendment; women's equality furthest, highest advance with women working, living on Moon, preparing for Mars, Beyond

* 2022 -- Edwin Hubble Galaxy Discoveries Centennial; observations from Mount Wilson near Pasadena, California around 1922 led U of Chicago, and Oxford trained astrophysicist to provide epoch-changing first correct view of how the universe is organized; demonstration that other galaxies exist beyond the Milky Way, that galaxies define space and provide the means to measure it observationally, solves principal cosmological problem of discovering the large scale content of universe; extends Copernican Revolution showing Sun not center of Milky Way

* 2024
-- Middle East Comprehensive Peace Agreement Achieved: Inspired by Pioneering International Moon Settlements; Mediated, supported by African Union, Vatican, PR China, World Islamic Community, India, European Union, World Jewish Community, Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN, South American Union UNASUR, Arab League, Russia, Mexico, Canada, USA, United Nations, others.
-- European Space Agency scheduled Aurora Moon mission

* 2025
-- The Singularity Is Near futurist Ray Kurzweil sees 'version 2.0' human body much strengthened thru biotech, nanotech, AI advances over frail 'version 1.0' with high failure rate twenty years ago; Singularity University founded 2008 to explore interdisciplinary technologies and ideas

January 1 -- Edwin Hubble Galaxy Discoveries Public Announcement Centennial; name now attached to many aspects of everyday astronomical life -- ie, Hubble galaxy type, Hubble sequence, Hubble luminosity law, Hubble constant, Hubble time, Hubble redshift-distance, Hubble radius for the universe, Hubble Space Telescope

* 2026 Tau Zero Foundation 20th anniversary observance; founded by Marc Millis, who directed NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project early in the 21st Century, Tau Zero extends interstellar flight investigations and explores breakthroughs that revolutionize spaceflight and enable human voyages to other star systems; elaborated in AIAA 2009 publication 'Frontiers of Propulsion Science"

* 2027 August 8 -- Astronaut Educator Barbara Morgan Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-118 mission 20th anniversary observance

* 2028
-- Planet Earth Population Passes 8 Billion (UN Estimate)
-- 'Afro' becomes official currency of African Union

* 2029
-- Artificial General Intelligence AGI breakthrough foreseen by futurist Kurzweil when computers reach and soon surpass human intelligence capabilities: Intel predicts supercomputers reach zeptosecond scale (10 exponent 21 -- multiples of 3 magnitudes faster than attosecond, femtosecond, picosecond, nanosecond, microsecond, millisecond)
-- New Horizons spacecraft traveling beyond Solar System
-- April 13, Friday: 99942 Apophis Asteroid (previously 2004MN4) passes within 30,000 km Earth, 320 meter object appearing briefly as 3rd magnitude; possible pass through 600 meter 'keyhole' could put Apophis on 2036 remotely possible collision course with Earth

* 2030
-- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Systems, along with FreeSpace, Asteroids -- exploration, enterprise all enabled by continuing, robust Earth-Moon development programs of earlier decades; efficient Electric Plasma rocket engines continue propelling more advanced, larger generations of spacecraft to outer Solar System; magnetoplasmadynamic MPD thrusters delivering with even greater speed, capacity; interstellar, galactic, inter galactic research, probes increasingly supported -- New Millenium Generation operating in primary leadership positions

* 2032 February 12 -- George Washington Birthday Tricentennial Observance

* 2033 January 5 -- Golden Gate Bridge Centennial of construction start in San Francisco; Pacific Hemisphere gateway, Pacific Nation icon

* 2034
April 20 -- Jacques Cartier New World Exploration Begins, 500th Observance; first voyage from St Malo, France, seeking 'Northwest Passage' to Asia leads to first naming, documentation of Canada, Newfoundland, St. Lawrence

November 9 -- Carl Sagan Birthday Centennial; astronomer, educator, progressive; creator of "Cosmos" TV future science documentary; his thesis that all human elements originate in deep space, that all humans are, fundamentally, "star stuff" ('starlife') supported birth and development of AstroBiology science discipline

* 2036 April -- 99942 Apothis Asteroid expected to pass by Earth at about 50 million kilometers

* 2037 January 20 -- New USA President First Inaugurated this date 100 years ago (FD Roosevelt), by virtue of 20th Amendment to nation's Constitution; reason, logic for specific Jan 20 date selection not clear

* 2038 June -- 'Superman' Centennial: arrival of American / Global cartoon action hero influences many Space Age ideas and activities

* 2039 September 1 -- World War II Centennial of Nazi invasion of Poland

* 2040
-- Arctic ice cap largely melted away, all in summers, scientists predict
-- China GDP at $123 Trillion predicts economist Robert Fogel
-- Living in the 40s: Indefinite Lifespans, 'Smart' Homes, Skycars / Microjets: Futurist Kurzweil sees 'version 3.0' body with "zero failure rate" -- 2040s technology could immediately construct new body, retrieve mind and memories, allow continuation of indefinite lifespace even after catastrophic accident; smart homes imbedded with biomaterials kill harmful germs, promote security, comfort; smart mattresses read minds, promote intelligence enhancing dreams, emotions

August -- Message to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence METI Cosmic Call 2 arrives at Star HD 245409 in Orion 37 years after transmission from Ukraine's 70-meter Evpatoria Planetary Radar

* 2041 -- Antarctic Treaty Environmental Protection Protocol due for review

* 2042 -- USA to be pluralistic, multi-racial with African American, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander or mixed race 'minorities' totaling more than 50% of the racially and ethnically diverse population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2008); 54% by mid-Century, when 439 million Americans are foreseen, with Hispanic 30%, Asian 9% fastest-growing

* 2043
April 13 -- Thomas Jefferson Birthday Tricentennial Observance

September -- 'Pacific Aloha Spaceport Feasibility Study' 50 years old; Space Age Publishing Company 7-year research project advances Hawaii space access, space tourism, Hawaii to the Moon; study's main technical recommendation was for Hawaii space access launch to be Off-Shore, attracting interest in and development of mid-Pacific, near-equatorial floating space-oriented cities by Japan, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and USA; ie, major Pacific Rim / Pacific Hemisphere countries

* 2045
August 6, 9 -- Hiroshima, Nagasaki Atomic Holocaust Centennials; US bombing of Japan cities to end World War II is 20th Century's first, and only, nuclear attack; deaths were 140,000 and 80,000 in 1945, with many thousands after

October 24 United Nations Centennial Observance of UN Charter entry into force; United Nations Day worldwide, annual

* 2046 -- First Baby Boomers Turn 100

* 2047 August
14 -- Pakistan Independence Day 100 Years as sovereign nation, Muslim League led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah ending rule of British, Raj; Islamabad capital, national celebration with ubiquitous Crescent Moon / Star national flag
15 -- India Independence Day 100 Years as sovereign nation, 30-year independence movement led by Mohandas K Gandhi ending two centuries British rule; national holiday (along with Republic Day January 26, Gandhi birthday October 2); Gandhi known as Mahatma ('Great Soul'), Bapu ('Father'), developed theory, practice of Satyagraha (way of truth), Ahimsa (non-violence): "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

* 2048 December 10 - International Declaration of Human Rights 100th Observance of adoption and proclamation by United Nations General Assembly

* 2049 May -- "Civil Disobedience" Bicentennial Observance; essay published by Henry David Thoreau, Transcendentalist from Concord, Massachusetts; would have major influence on India's Gandhi, America's Martin Luther King; Thoreau's book "Walden" five years after Civil Disobedience, which made case for non-violent, individual resistance in moral opposition to unjust state, policy; major influence also on American Draft Resistance Movement again Vietnam War in 1960s, 70s.

October 1 -- People's Republic of China Founding 100th Observance as China Revolutionary Mao Zedong, along with long-time prime minister, cosmopolitan Zhou Enlai, present People's Republic for New China in Beijing: "The Chinese People have stood up"; during previous 2,000 years of Imperial China, traditional cycle of well-founded, popularly-supported dynasty was 250-300 years

* 2050
-- Planet Earth / Terra Mid-Century 9.2 Billion Humans (consensus estimate); great Himalaya neighbors China and India, with 35-40% of all people, support Global Nations Center on Asia's 'Roof of the World'; Multi-World Citizens increasing by thousands, transcending, alleviating poverty, war after early 21st Century Earth-Moon interglobal dynamics from: USA astro/star consciousness, awareness and pursuit; China centrality and East Asia economy, India satyagraha civilization, Europe revitalization with Russia fusion, Crescent Moon Countries spanning half the globe, Canada fair-witness, Japan sun-country energy pioneer, Mexico America construct, Africa, others quest for Southern Hemisphere equality
-- Saturn System / Jupiter System development central to and enabling Solar System-wide human capability, with enormous resource utilization, material and energy development from main Asteroid Belt
-- Earth Energy / Transportation System Revolutions; Solar power (aka, thermonuclear fusion energy, that fires the stars), Space Elevator, Anti-Matter, Nano-, Pico-, Femto-technologies enable trans-global transport with 50 minute Earth-anyplace capacity for more than 4 billion travelers; individual, family, `ohana microjet / microdisc for regional, continental travel make petroleum / carbon-based transport functionally obsolete -- dangerous, dirty, expensive ( street travel constricted to narrow, congested 2-dimension concrete slabs with continuous stoppage enormously wasteful, demoralizing, dysfunctional)
-- Challenges foreseen for Mid-Century include: Global ocean life collapse, according to UN Environment Program; nutrition, material resources unable to sustain all humanity, sees World Wildlife Fund; global population begins century decline to 1-2 billion, predict neo-malthusians
-- Egalitarian / Libertarian dynamic flourishing internationally as well as nationally, with Democrat / Republican 19th Century duality in USA largely incorporated into 21st Century Egalitarian / Libertarian constructs
-- Kansas, Middle America rising national prominence; between West and East, North and South, the heartland and breadbasket region supports most naturally constructive interaction of equality and freedom, of security and independence
-- Stanford on the Moon, now in 50th year, growing multi-faceted affiliation with Stanford University Overseas Studies Program, now approaching 100; provides on-site Luna experience, research for undergraduate as well as graduate students; advanced education increasingly multi-world, extra-terrestrial
-- Internet at Mid-Century marks 100 years since early info technology initiatives at MIT 1950; ARPANET connection of UCLA and SRI in Menlo Park, California, October 1969; term 'Internet Protocol Transmission Control' Program TCP/IP first used by Vinton Cerf, December 1974; invention of hypertext network interface at Europe's CERN by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 led to WWW; JupiterResearch projection of 1.5 billion internet users worldwide 2011, rising sharply through Asia; 2050 Solar System / Galaxy Internet Web 11.0 technology perfecting quantum teleportation of early 21st Century origins, while Enterprise qualified transporter technology continues development through internet astronautics

January 26 -- Republic of India Founding 100th Observance of Constitution when India Revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi, along with long-time prime minister, cosmopolitan Jawaharlal Nehru continue to advance India Independence principles of satyagraha, ahimsa

* 2051 September 28 -- Confucius 2600th Birthday Observance in China hometown Qufu, Shandong Province; legendary contemporary of Buddha, Lao Tse, and of Kuan Yin mythology; more than 500 years before Jesus of Nazareth, Mary, 1100 before Islam Prophet Mohammed

* 2052 April 15 -- Leonardo da Vinci 600th Birthday Observance; personified the 'Renaissance Man',
perhaps most diversely talented individual ever; extraordinary painter, inventor, technological genius; from Tuscan hill town of Vinci, near Florence

* 2053
-- DNA Discovery by Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, James Watson -- Centennial

December 17 -- Wright Brothers 1st Air Travel Sesquicentennial; 150 year observance of first powered air flight of altitude 20 feet (6 meters), distance 120 feet, duration 12 seconds by Orville at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA; brother William on 4th flight later that day traveled 852 feet (260 meters) in 59 seconds

* 2054
May 24 -- Canada Victoria Day Bicentennial Observance; unofficial end of Canada winter season, beginning of summer; known as 'May Long Weekend' in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, as 'Journee Nationale des Patriotes' in Quebec

July 4 First Supernova, recorded by China, Japan, Arabia, America astronomers, observers 1,000 years ago; new 1054 'Guest Star' in Taurus constellation gives birth to prominent Crab Nebula M1

* 2055
-- Einstein Special Theory of Relativity E=MC2 150th Observance
-- Disneyland is 100

April 12 -- Salk Polio Vaccine Announced to World 100 years ago

* 2056 January 17 -- Benjamin Franklin 350th Birthday Observance; one of most productive USA 'Founding Fathers' and most accomplished Americans of the times; author and printer, scientist and inventor, political theorist and civic activist, statesman and diplomat; physics discoveries with electricity, lightning rod, bifocals; formed first public library in America, first fire department in Pennsylvania; a Revolutionary for Independence, Franklin noted as 'polymath' by Wikipedia and as foundational to the roots of American values and character; portrait is on everyone's favorite dollar bill

* 2057
-- European Economic Community Centennial Observation of Treaty of Rome creation of EEC, European Coal and Steel Community, European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)

October 4 -- Sputnik 1 Centennial; profound worldwide impact of world's first satellite, 58cm, 84kg beach-ball sized spacecraft made Earth revolution every 96 minutes; surprise launch during International Geophysical Year led to space race formation of NASA by USA within a year; proclaimed as start of the 'Space Age' by Soviet Union / Russia, though Apollo Moon Landing 12 years later made humanity a multi-world species and is considered a more fundamental Space Age beginning

* 2059
January -- METI message 'Teen Age Message 2001' arrives at Stars HD 126053, HD 193664 58 years after transmission from 70-meter Evpatoria Planetary Radar, Ukraine

January 3 -- Alaska Centennial Observation of State Entering Union

August 21 -- Hawaii Centennial Observation of State Entering Union

December 1-- Antarctica Treaty Centennial; 12 nations as original signers: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, USSR, UK, USA; treaty entered into force 23

June 1961; major features include Drake Strait, Weddell, Bellingshausen, Amundsen, and Ross Seas; Palmer, Ellsworth (Vinson Massif, highest point 4,897m), Marie Byrd, Victoria, Wilkes, Enderby, Queen Maud, Armstrong and Aldrin Lands; Amery, Shackleton, and Ross Ice Shelves; Mt Erebus

* 2060 Earliest Year for Earth to end according to Isaac Newton Bible interpretations

* 2061
-- '2061: Odyssey Three' by Arthur C Clarke; titled for Comet Halley approach, after Earth / Moon, Jupiter / Europa focus of '2001', '2010'

January 29 -- Kansas State Bicentennial Observation (see Sesquicentennial 2011)

April 12 -- Yuri Gagarin 1st Human in Space Centennial

May 25 -- JF Kennedy USA Moon Program Commitment Speech Centennial

July 28 -- Halley's Comet reaches perihelion; first return since February 6, 1986; thirtieth return since 240BC

September 11 -- World Trade Center 110-floor twin towers in New York attacked, destroyed 60 years ago, almost 3,000 dead

* 2062 The Gutenberg Galaxy by Marshall McLuhan, Ontario, Canada, popularizes 'Global Village', 100 years ago; followed five years later by The Medium Is the Message (new, hot / electronic media impacts traditional, cool / print, etc)

* 2063
January 1 --Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation Bicentennial Observance; committed to ending slavery, preserving the Union, Lincoln first Republican elected USA President; Lincoln's soaring Gettysburg Address same year is eloquent affirmation of human equality espoused by Declaration of Independence; redefines Civil War as "new birth of freedom"

May 25 -- Organization of African States (OAU) Centennial; formed by Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa through Pan-Africa leadership by Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana; forerunner of African Union

June 16 -- Valentina Tereshkova 1st Woman in Space Centennial; 3 day mission aboard Vostok 6

November 22 -- USA President JF Kennedy assassinated 100 years ago, 'The Day the Music Died', again; Camelot ends, dark years ahead -- more assassinations, race riots, Vietnam debacle, cultural upheavals; yet 1960s most enduring legacy proves to be brilliant magnificence of species-transforming Apollo Moon Program landings Kennedy initiated

* 2064 February -- Beatles First USA Tour Centennial, Beatlemania; "I Want To Hold Your Hand" soothes America weeks after Kennedy assassination; group's clothes, style, statements and growing social awareness extends influence through social and cultural revolutions of the Sixties, Seventies; Christianity, Pope offended by Beatles' "more popular than Jesus" affirmation; "All You Need Is Love" 1967; 1 Billion records sold by 1985; ranked #1 on Rolling Stones list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

* 2065
-- Buckminster Fuller Centennial, '10 billion billionaires' extrapolated from Bucky's "Four Billion Billionaires" affirmation; 'Spaceship Earth', geodesics, fullerenes, buckyballs, carbon nanotubes, buckytubes, impact Space Age architecture, materials

November 11 -- Transit of Mercury

* 2066-69 China Cultural Revolution Centennial; reappraisals of 2020, 2030 document People's Republic took different direction than former Soviet Union partly due to Cultural Revolution; historiography on event instructive, actionable, still evolving

* 2067
July 1 -- Canada Bicentennial of Confederation through Constitution Act creating Dominion of 4 provinces Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and North-West Territory; Confederation / Dominion of Canada (from First Nation word 'kanata', meaning village or settlement) joined by Manitoba 1870, Prince Edward Island 1871, British Columbia 1873, Alberta and Saskatchewan 1905, Newfoundland-Labrador 2001, and Yukon, Nunavut Territories; Maple Leaf Flag 1965, French-English Bilingualism Act 1969, Multiculturalism Act 1971 help make Canada Federation of 21st Century one of Earth's most free, prosperous, egalitarian and progressive nations

August 8 – ASEAN Declaration, Bangkok, Centennial; 10 member Association of Southeast Asian Nations formed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand; later expanded to include Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam

November 7 -- Marie Sklodowska Curie Birthday Bicentennial Observance; created theory of, and term, 'radioactivity'; student revolutionary in native Warsaw, Poland (then under Russia), she left for France, Paris / Sorbonne; first woman to win Nobel Prize -- Physics 1903, first person to win two Nobel Prizes -- Chemistry 1911; discovered new elements polonium, radium; founded Curie Institutes in Paris, Warsaw; lifelong advancement of radium use to alleviate human suffering

* 2068 December 21-27 -- Apollo 8 orbital Moon mission Centennial; USA, humanity first voyage to another world; the 'mission that changed everything'; Earthrise; "Genesis" crew readings orbiting Moon Christmas Eve; whole Earth ecology, environment consciousness

* 2069
July 20 -- Apollo 11 USA Moon Landing Centennial (see 50th Observance 2019)

August 15 -- Woodstock Nation, upstate New York; 3-day festival of about 500,000, 'Aquarian Exposition' of youth, rock, music, peace, love is portrait of 1960s Decade shaped by Vietnam, Apollo Moon landings and Cultural revolutions

October 2 -- Mahatma Gandhi Birthday Bicentennial

November -- METI Cosmic Call 1 arrives at Star HD 186408 in Cygnus 70 years after transmission from Evpatoria

* 2070 April 17 -- Apollo 13 Centennial Observance of successful splashdown in Hawaii Pacific after oxygen tank explosion two days after April 11 launch; Lunar Module Aquarius jettisoned upon reentry after 'lifeboat' service with Command Module Odyssey; commander James Lovell, only human to go to Moon twice without touching it, achieved safety after danger, success after failure

* 2071 March 26 -- Prince Kuhio Birthday Bicentennial Observance; Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole last heir to Hawaii throne honored as tireless worker for native Hawaiian rights, served nearly 20 years as Delegate to US Congress; only other US holiday dedicated to royalty is Hawaii King Kamehameha Day June 11

* 2072
March 2 -- Pioneer 10 Launch Centennial witnesses Human Civilization flourish through Jupiter, Saturn systems; Human Solar System competence, capability in 21st Century are result of World's Space Agencies long range, decisive planning and commitment early in Century; outer Solar System, with 99% of System's planetary mass, providing vast energy, matter for System-wide usage, and for early Galaxy pioneering and voyaging

November 11 -- Tycho Supernova in Cassiopeia 500th Observance

* 2073 April 5 -- Pioneer 11 Launch Centennial

* 2074 "High Frontier" Centennial of Gerard O'Neill pivotal book; asked question, "Is the surface of a planet the best place for an expanding technological civilization?"; L-5, other Lagrange point, Free-Space cities now thriving for generations after high-volume, macro-scale Earth-Moon developments in the 20s.

* 2076
May 31 -- Planetoid 90377 Sedna at perihelion, 76 AU

July 4 -- USA Declaration of Independence Tricentennial; America advances, shines as Free Country, Beautiful Country, Star Country; Truths self-evident Equality, Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness prove timeless, universal into nation's fourth century, and increasingly are shared with neighbors Canada, Mexico, American hemisphere -- global and interglobal.

July 5 -- Space Age Publishing Company Founding Centennial

July 20 -- Mars Viking 1 Chryse Planitia First Landing Centennial

September 3 -- Mars Viking 2 Utopia Planitia Landing Centennial ("Mars Is Ours"?)

* 2077
August 20 Voyager 2 Launch Centennial

September 5 -- Voyager 1 Launch Centennial; possibly operational and farthest human-made object from Earth, after extended mission to locate, study boundaries of Solar System, including Kuiper belt, heliosheath and interstellar space beyond; V'ger 1 first spaceprobe to provide detailed images of Jupiter and Saturn, their moons, rings and systems.

* 2079 March 14 -- Albert Einstein Birthday Bicentennial

* 2080 July 4 -- Kansas-Colorado Plateau Independence Day observances and activities continue to attract increasing national attention; trend of recent decades accompanies Federal Government re-location upgrade for central, equal access, American democracy tradition; great change also accelerated by global warming / cooling coastal instabilities

* 2081 April 12 -- Space Shuttle Columbia STS-1 Centennial: First Launch from KSC Florida, 54.5-hour mission success with commander John Young and pilot Robert Crippen; completes 37 revolutions of Earth, more than 1 million miles (1,730,053 km)

* 2083 July 24 -- Simon Bolivar Tricentennial observance; most important leader for Spanish America successful struggles for independence in early 19th century, especially Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Bolivia

* 2084
-- '1984' by George Orwell -- feared and anticipated anti-utopia of totalitarian uniformity and control, 100 years ago

January 24 -- Macintosh Computer Introduced 100 years ago; made sure that " '1984' won't be like '1984' "

November 10 -- Transit of Earth as seen from Mars

* 2086
January 28 -- Challenger 7 Space Shuttle Disaster Centennial; Worldwide memorials for Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Robert McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Gregory Jarvis – Ad Astra per Aspera

February 6 -- Halley's Comet 1986 perihelion Centennial; comets in ancient times traditionally viewed as bad omens

April 26 -- Chernobyl Power Plant Disaster Centennial, only level 7 occurrence on International Nuclear Event Scale, near Pripyat, Ukraine, USSR; US$200 billion disaster costliest ever to that day; 600,000 exposed to high radioactivity, mostly in Belarus; Worldwide memorials for all cancer victims, number unknown

* 2087 September 17 -- Constitution of USA Tricentennial Observance of adoption by Federal Convention after principal drafts by James Madison, speech by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; into force March 4, 1789 after New Hampshire 9th of 13 states needed to ratify; amended only 26 times in first 200 years, with 'Bill of Rights' 1791 first 10 amendments as valuable as rest of entire US Constitution, according to T Jefferson; historical influences from literature and experience of American colonies, states, republicanism, and from European thought of Montesquieu checks-and-balances, John Locke due process, Magna Carta 1215 common law

* 2088 Summer -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Jupiter" Symphony No. 41 Tricentennial Observance; revolutionary, final great work would have strong influence on Beethoven's 'Eroica', Wagner

* 2089
June -- Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night" Bicentennial; most famous painting completed near Saint-Remy asylum, 13 months before artist's death age 37

July 14 -- French Revolution for 'Liberte, Fraternite, Egalite' Tricentennial Observation of Bastille Prison liberation

October 18 -- Galileo Jupiter Spacecraft Launch Centennial; enormously successful 14 year mission traveled total 4.6 billion km before being directed to impact Giant Planet 2003 Sep 21 to avoid possible contamination of Jovian moons; first spacecraft to flyby asteroid (Gaspra), first to discover asteroid moon (Ida's Dactyl), first to orbit Jupiter (34 times after 1995 December 7 arrival); confirmed subsurface saltwater on Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, and intensity of volcanic activity on Io; an almost-star with 60+ moons, Jupiter / system contains more than 90% of Solar system's planetary mass

* 2092 October 12 -- Christopher Columbus Americas Discovery 600 year Observation

* 2093
January 27 -- Soong Ching-ling (Song QIngling) Birthday Bicentennial Observance; born and raised in Wenchang, Hainan, close to eventual China Spaceport that would send first Chinese to Moon early in 21st Century; one of three Soong sisters who with husbands were amongst China's most influential of 20th Century (was said that one loved wealth -- married top banker; one loved power -- married Chiang Kai-shek; while Ching-ling loved China -- married Sun Yat-sen); Vice-Chair after founding of People's Republic; regarded as Asia's first female head of state, though service as first, only Honorary President of PRC was largely ceremonial

September -- 'Pacific Aloha Spaceport Feasibility Study' Centennial sees Hawaii as Gateway, portal for space travel to Habitat / Moon / Solar System destinations for hundreds of millions -- Hawaii in 20th Century was itself final destination for hundreds of millions traveling then by water and air

November 1 -- European Union Reaches 100 since Treaty of Maastricht

December 26 -- Mao Zedong Birthday Bicentennial Observance (China time)

* 2094 July 15-21 -- Jupiter Impacts 100 Years ago by 21 large fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy SL-9; first direct observations of extraterrestrial solar system collisions; largest fragment G delivers impact force equal to 6 million megatons TNT leaving giant scar 12,000 km across, visible for many months; resulting major expansion, acceleration on Earth impact awareness and protection initiatives

* 2095 -- Mira ("miracle") brightest of red class M long-period variable stars Discovery 500 year Observation

* 2096 September 19 -- George Washington 'Farewell Address' Tricentennial; published in Philadelphia press as open letter to the American People at end of his second term as US President; his most famous, important commentary warned against "permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world", and against over-powerful military establishments which "are inauspicious to liberty"

* 2097 May -- Amerigo Vespucci embarks on voyage to New World from Cadiz, Spain, 600 years ago; current extraordinary human explorations of Uranus, Neptune, Kuiper Belt, and Beyond extend late 1490s great exploration heritage of John Cabot, Vasco de Gama, Columbus

* 2098 May 1 -- Philippines Manila Bay Naval Battle of Spanish-American War Bicentennial; starts era of US Imperial power (with annexation of Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and permanent base at Guantanamo, Cuba) through most of 20th Century until military withdrawals in Asia, East (Korea, Vietnam) and West (Afghanistan, Iraq); end of flat-earth mentality during early 21st Century administrations enable American, Global interests to expand throughout CisLunar, Solar, Galaxy systems

* 2099
July 23 -- Eileen Collins 1st Woman Space Shuttle Commander Centennial; Endeavour STS-93 deploys Chandra X-Ray Observatory

September 9 -- Sirte ('Sidra') Declaration Centennial Observance; proposal for African Union revived by OAU meeting in Libya

31 -- Long Now Foundation 10,000 Year Clock (temporary prototype) activated 100 years ago, or 12-31-01999, then at Science Museum of London, England; permanent Clock in first part of 21st Century to have been secured at Ely, Nevada, USA with long-duration, high-protection to promote "slower/better" thinking and foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years
31 -- Albert Einstein chosen 'Person of the Century' (20th) by Time Magazine 100 years ago; Franklin D Roosevelt, Mohandas K Gandhi runners-up; predominantly-USA list of 'The Time 100: The Most Important People of the 20th Century' also includes Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Bart Simpson, but not Elvis Presley

* 2100
-- Lifespan average of 120 years based on 1900-2000 60% Longevity Growth from 45 to 75 years; Earth Population projections too speculative after mid-21st Century projection of 9.2 Billion, though off-Earth population likely to grow exponentially in FreeSpace habitats, and throughout CisLunar and Solar System domains; pan-Earth, cis-Lunar space travel common for billions, as was air travel in 20th Century; Human species GNP, per capita income revolutionized quantitatively and qualitatively earlier in Century
-- '2100.org' based in Europe, advancing 'Prospective 2100'; largest interdisciplinary, international study of next century ever made, funded thru 1990s by the French Ministry for Research; 2100.org sees instantaneous communications "from one end of the planet to the other" {already here --ed.}, feminization as 21st Century two major forces; 1980-2020 is 'Entertainment' Society; 2020-2060 'Education' Society; 2060-2100 'Creation' Society
-- Revolt in 2100 by Robert Heinlein, 1953; after the fall of the American Ayatollahs, there is a Second American Revolution: for the first time in human history there is a land with Liberty and Justice for All; Heinlein contributions to 21st Century human advance comparable to those of Clarke, Sagan, O'Neill
-- Time Capsules to be opened in Sneem, Ireland; Belfast, N Ireland; Kelowna, BC Canada -- International Time Capsule Society
-- This '2100 / 100AA' Essay to be included in Time Capsules to be secured in at least 2 centrally accessible locations and publicly opened in 2100; also possibilities for 3001 and 4000
-- Westinghouse Time Capsules to be opened 6939 after burial at New York World Fairs in 1939, 1965; Ozymandias Project underground deep time capsule addressed challenges of technology obsolescence, electronic and magnetic media storage deterioration, language translation problems for the far future
-- METI Message to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (active SETI) to arrive about year 25974 at NGC 6205 (Messier 13) in Hercules after transmission from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, November 16, 1974
-- KEO space capsule in 50,000 years to reenter Earth's atmosphere, carrying messages and vast information to future humanity about Earth at launch circa 2010; satellite is 80 cm sphere alloy resistant to cosmic radiation, space impacts, atmosphere reentry; voted by UNESCO as 'Project of the 21st Century"
-- LAGEOS Laser Geodynamics Satellites 1 and 2 from 20th Century NASA carrying a plaque showing arrangement of Earth's continents in the past, present and future will reenter Earths' atmosphere in 8.4 million years
-- Pioneers 10 and 11, Voyagers 1 and 2 first human-made objects to leave the Solar System and now interstellar, galactic probes carrying gold-anodized plaques and golden records; launched in 1972 and 1973, the Pioneer Plaques designed by astronomer Carl Sagan display a nude human male and female, with several symbols and star maps intended to provide information about the origin and direction of the spacecraft; launched in 1977, the Voyager Golden Records are more complex and detailed messages, in 55 languages, containing many sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are also intended for any extraterrestrial life form, or far future humans, that may find it; Voyager 1 will be within 1.6 light-years of AC+79 3888 star in Ophiuchus constellation in about 40,000 years

March 20 -- Spring Equinox 14:03 UT; 100th Observance of Aquarius Age 2000 / 00 arrival

March 24 -- 'North Star' Polaris furthest North, 0.4526 degree maximum apparent declination from celestial north pole; the same astronomy precession of the equinoxes that sees the Sun move into Aquarius constellation from Pisces, will see Earth's North Star in Cepheus constellation in about 2000 years, will be the star Vega in Lyra in about 13,900 years, and return as Polaris in about 27,800 years; Novus Ordo Seclorum -- A New Order of the Ages

2100 / 100AA